Member highlight


Helen Berria


Helen was married to Frank for nearly fifty years when he passed away in November of 2007.  They had three girls, Cheryl, who died in an auto accident when she was eighteen, Toni, and Juani.  When she and Frank returned to the Boise area in 1987, she heard that a Basque choir was being organized and joined it.  She sings in the alto section.  Each year, she also is actively involved in the planning and execution of the choir’s primary fundraiser, Kantari Afari.  



Other interesting facts about Helen:


She was born in Gooding, ID.


She was once asked to work in the Washington D.C. office of Senator Leonard Jordan.  


Her hobbies have included singing in choirs, camping, hunting, and fishing, golf and bowling.

Barry Bumgarner


Barry is married to Anita.  They have two children, Carissa and Anthony, and four grandchildren.  Jan Gaythwaite recruited him to be in the choir.  He sings in the tenor section.  The first time that Biotzetik went to The Basque Country, Barry was the only tenor!  In addition to singing in the choir, he has served as president and is actively involved in many other aspects of the choir.  


Other interesting facts about Barry:


He was born in Rochester, MN.


As a child, he was run over by a manure spreader!


He had the opportunity to meet Dion Warwick, Dr. J, and Jim Brown.


His hobbies include golf, yardwork, playing cards, Mexican Train, and computer games.